Become a Distributor

► Becoming a Distributor for NHA:
We seek to focus our sales through registered distributors who have proven the ability, experience and engineering background to successfully sell our products and are committed to representing and growing their business with NHA.NHA is not an open line in view of we do not want to have more than 4 distributors in one territory.
► Pricing & Multiple Distributors:
In order to provide the most competitive proposal, NHA develops prices for each opportunity uniquely. Pricing is calculated based on a combination of internal costs, current material costs and project size. Unit pricing will change based on volume or job size.
When multiple distributors are pursuing the same opportunity NHA will provide the same price to all distributors. The only exception may be with our Premier Partner distributors who receive an additional discount. Premier partners are selected based on their historical volume and commitment to NHA. NHA will notify competing distributors that they are bidding on the same project, but all other aspects of each bid (including custom engineering from previous projects) will be held strictly confidential to protect each distributor’s competitive position in the market.
► Processing a Customized Order
Upon receipt of a purchase order customized, NHA will provide an order acknowledgement and approval specifications along with a projected delivery date. We realize that it is a lot of work to sign the acknowledgement and technical documents, but since we build everything to order we have found this to be the best way to ensure that we produce exactly what you want and need.
NHA will not start production without signed approval specifications and final credit arrangements.
Once NHA is released for production, the project may be produced at any time. Any changes to the order after release may result in additional costs. Since all products are built for the order, we can rarely accept a returned product. NHA will do our best to minimize costs for all change orders.
► Confidentiality:
NHA requires that you treat all quotes, engineering data and manuals in a confidential manner.
► Fun
NHA strives to meet or exceed all of your needs and expectations every day. We enjoy what we do and we are good at it, so be patient with us if we tell a bad joke once in a while. Success is a combination of many things coming together at the right time and place. We take our work very seriously but, at the same time we want you to have some fun working with us along the way.